Countertop Nitro Beverage Dispenser/Chiller / DRNX LUX by Brood

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Countertop Nitro Beverage Dispenser/Chiller / DRNX LUX by Brood
Brand: Brood Nitro Dispensers
Part Number: DRNX-LUX

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Nitro beverages have never been easier! The groundbreaking DRNX BY BROOD draws from any container, keg, or bag; chills it to 36°F, and infuses it with nitrogen extracted from the air. This means no separate nitrogen tank is required.

Experience an espresso martini-style machine like no other. Our DRNX Countertop Nitro Coffee Dispenser can effortlessly pour five drinks per minute, every minute. This innovation boasts expert engineering with cutting-edge cooling technology, featuring our patented tankless nitro cold brew system that flash-chills any liquid and infuses it with atmospheric nitrogen. The result? A consistently creamy, ice-cold pour that bids farewell to messy kegs, welcoming a new era of innovation.

The DRNX Nitro Tap System goes beyond the martini, infusing nitrogen into cocktails, tea, coffee, and more. The outcome is a consistently crisp and creamy pour that will leave your guests craving more. Impress your customers with lightning-fast service, delightful sweetness, perfectly balanced concoctions, and an enduring cascade of mesmerizing microbubbles in every cup.

DRNX LUX by BROOD Features

  • Dispenses both nitro and still cold brew from a single-tap
  • Harnesses atmospheric nitrogen, eliminating the need for nitrogen tanks
  • Utilizes an internal reservoir for seamless operation
  • Quick and hassle-free setup in just 2 minutes
  • Delivers unmatched consistency with every pour
  • Rapidly chills beverages on demand to a refreshing 36°F
  • Compatible with a wide range of drinks
  • Say goodbye to gas tanks and supplier hassles
  • Sleek and compact design, suitable for countertop or under-counter placement
  • Offers customizable options for color, design, and tap handle
  • Patent Pending

DRNX LUX by BROOD Specifications

Function Cold Nitro & Cold Still
Power Supply 100-120 V / 60 HZ
200-240 V / 50 HZ
Amps 1.8
Dimensions W/H/L (mm) 200/360/430
Weight 25kg / 55lbs
Dispensing Capacity 62 l/hr
Temp at Tap 36F (+/- 3F)
Internal Tubing Capacity 20oz
Optional Accessories BIB Adapter
BIB Bags
BIB Boxes
1.5 gal resivoir
Warranty 1 year
Pressure at Tap 34psi


How to Use DRNX-LUX: An Effortless Experience

Connect Your Beverage Containers to the Machine

Embrace the flexibility of our DRN-LUX system. Whether you prefer kegs or bag-in-box solutions, our machines can connect to any container, giving you the freedom to choose. Select your desired beverage, batch your recipe, and effortlessly connect it to DRN-LUX. For kegs, attach your beverage tube to a keg coupler; for bag-in-box, connect your beverage tube to a bag-in-box adaptor. The possibilities are limitless.

Choose Nitro or Still

Once both of your distinct beverage containers are securely connected, it's time to decide between nitro-infused or still. A simple twist of the infusion dial makes all the difference. Turn it clockwise for those seeking a more traditional, still pour, or turn it counterclockwise to unleash the velvety goodness of nitro infusion. Expand your drink offerings and introduce your customers to a new world of flavors, all with a straightforward twist of a dial.

Pull the Tap to Dispense

With your container connected and the nitro or still selection made, the final step is to pour. Position your cup at an angle, just as you would when pouring a draft beer. Gently pull down the lever, and behold the magic of the nitro infusion as it flows. Afterward, a quick twist returns the dial to its starting position. Voila! In under 12 seconds, you have a delectable beverage ready to be savored. Enjoy!

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DRNX-LUX Countertop Nitro Beverage Dispenser/Chiller / DRNX LUX by Brood $3,595.00

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