Soda, Soft Drinks & Energy Drinks

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Make sodas, energy drinks or sparkling waters at your house with our simple and easy-to-use line of carbonating kits. Step it up a notch by using some of our soda flavor extracts, tea based soda extracts, or any of our plant energy concentrates. Starting with a simple kegging system for sparkling water can be a great introduction into draft beverage systems and a great way to get comfortable with serving your favorite beverages on draft.

Soda Kegging Kits, Soda Carbonating Kits

Soda Flavors:

  • Root Beer
  • Birch Root Beer
  • Orange Soda
  • Ginger Beer
  • Strawberry
  • Cream Soda
  • Lemon Lime
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Raspberry
  • Cola
  • Cherry
  • Ginger Ale