Brood DRNX BRW Nitro Beverage Dispenser/Chiller w/ Internal Reservoir

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Brood DRNX BRW Nitro Beverage Dispenser/Chiller w/ Internal Reservoir
Brand: Brood Nitro Dispensers
Part Number: DRNX-BRW
Price: $4,295.00 List Price: $4,495.00

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Nitro beverages have never been easier! The groundbreaking BRW BY BROOD features and internal reservoir that chills your beverage to 36°F, and infuses it with nitrogen extracted from the air. This means no separate nitrogen tank is required. 

The DRNX BRW Countertop Nitro Coffee Dispenser represents the epitome of authentic cold brew coffee. Crafted with precision, this fully self-contained cold brew dispenser features a refrigerated internal reservoir chilled to a refreshing 2°C. It harnesses atmospheric nitrogen, rendering tanks, expensive consumables, and plumbing unnecessary.

Notably, the DRNX BRW Nitro Coffee Brewer goes beyond just dispensing nitro-infused and still beverages; it revolutionizes the brewing process, making it a game-changer for smaller-scale operations. Simply load it with coarse beans and water, and enjoy a consistent flow of ice-cold beverages that brew to perfection over a span of 12 hours.

DRNX BRW by BROOD Features

  • A versatile countertop nitro coffee dispenser offering both nitro and still cold brew from a single-tap
  • Revolutionary nitrogen extraction from the atmosphere eliminates the need for nitrogen tanks
  • Effortless plug & play setup in just 2 minutes
  • Ensures unwavering consistency with each and every pour
  • Rapidly chills 1.5 gallons from room temperature to a refreshing 36°F in under 30 minutes
  • Compatible with a wide array of beverages
  • Saves you the trouble of dealing with gas tanks or supplier agreements
  • Sleek and space-efficient design, suitable for placement on or under the counter
  • Personalize your unit with options for color, design, and tap handle to match your style
  • Patent Pending


DRNX BRW by BROOD Specifications

Function Cold Nitro & Cold Still
Power Supply 100-120 V / 60 HZ
200-240 V / 50 HZ
Amps 1.8
Dimensions W/H/L (mm) 200/360/430
Weight 25kg / 42lbs
Dispensing Capacity 62 l/hr
Temp at Tap 36F (+/- 3F)
Internal Tubing Capacity 20oz
Holding Capacity 1.5 gallons
Warranty 1 year
Pressure at Tap 34psi


How to Utilize the DRNX BRW - Countertop Nitro Coffee Dispenser: 

Effortless Setup in Minutes

Getting started with the DRNX BRW is a breeze, and there's no need for any specialized equipment. Simply plug in the DRNX BRW nitro cold brew coffee maker, and you're on your way to coffee perfection.

Prepare Your Coffee Mix

Once your DRNX BRW is ready to roll, it's time to add your coffee beans or cold brew concentrate. Our specially designed reservoir keeps your mixture chilled at a consistent 2°C for an extended period, ensuring your cold brew stays fresh for weeks. You can even create cold brew right within the serving reservoir by adding coffee beans and chilled water, resulting in a potent, highly caffeinated beverage that boasts richer flavor and a less watery consistency compared to traditional hot or cold coffee.

Select Your Preferred Setting

With a simple turn of a dial, you can choose between serving your coffee as still or nitro-infused. Our innovative engineering eliminates the need for costly external kegs, hoses, and containers, while simultaneously expanding your serving options. Elevate your menu by offering cold brew in two distinct styles: still for a classic experience or nitro-infused for a creamy, velvety texture.

Pour and Serve with Ease

Once you've filled the DRNX BRW reservoir and selected your infusion preference, it's time to enjoy your coffee creation. Place your glass at a slight angle directly beneath the spout, then effortlessly pull the tap to start the pour. It's as simple as that.

As the cold brew flows into your glass, you'll witness the magic of nitro infusion in action. Afterward, a quick twist of the infuser dial returns it to its starting position. In under 12 seconds, you'll have a delicious, perfectly chilled beverage ready to savor. Enjoy the satisfaction of serving a premium cold brew experience with ease.

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