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Looking for more information on cold brewing coffee, or serving cold brew and nitro coffee on draft?  These ebooks are loaded with helpful information that will get you on your way to becoming a cold brew pro!

Which cold brew coffee eBook would help me the most?

Both of these ebooks are very insightful and actually go hand in hand.  The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brew Coffee is where we always recommend starting if you are new to cold brewing.  This will give an extensive overview of everything you will need to know from making and serving your cold brew coffee on draft. 

If you are already making cold brew and looking to take the next step in serving cold brew coffee on draft, the Definitive Guide to Draft Coffee is for you.  This is a deep dive on serving cold brew coffee and nitro coffee on draft.  It walks you through everything you will need to know, from keg styles to faucets, gases, and more. 

Need More Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee Help?

Check out our Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee FAQs section.  We have many helpful articles that break down many common questions that we have received over the years about making and serving nitro coffee on draft.