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Looking to filter your cold brew more than your large batch cold brew coffee maker can do? 

We get asked all the time about filtering cold brew coffee and removing any trace of sediment from the cold brew.  Some people like having that sediment in their cold brew for added mouth-feel, and others feel that removing any trace of left over sediment provides a cleaner product.  To each is their own, but if you decide that a secondary filtration for your cold brew coffee is what you would like, we have some filtration options below for you! 

What is Secondary Filtration? 

Secondary filtration for cold brew coffee would come after the brew process is complete and you have separated your cold brew from the coffee grounds.  After you brew your cold brew coffee and filter from your cold brew coffee maker, there may be some left over fines, or sediment left that you will see settle to the bottom of the cold brew.   In order to get rid of this fine coffee silt, you need a very fine mesh micron filter such as a 1 micron filter.  But when filtering down to such a low number, you will need pressure in order to force the cold brew through the fine filter.  These filters are designed to collect your cold brew coffee in a holding tank, such as a brite tank, or kegs, and then you will be able to pressurize the vessels with the cold brew in them and pump the cold brew through the filter where it will then be collected into another vessel or keg.