Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee » Countertop Nitro Coffee Dispensers

Limited space at your coffee shop, restaurant, or home?  We got you covered! 

We have a variety of small-footprint countertop nitro coffee dispensers for even the smallest spaces!  No more excuses not to have nitro coffee one demand!  Countertop Nitro coffee machines allow you to serve nitro coffee on demand without taking up a big area of your counterspace.  We have a variety of options that allow you to serve both flat cold brew coffee on draft as well as on-demand nitro coffee.  Our Brood Countertop nitro coffee dispensers do EVERYTHING for you, from chilling your room temp cold brew to a cool 38 degrees on the fly, to infusing nitrogen into the coffee as it moves through the machine.  No other equipment is needed (other than a vessel to keep your cold brew in).  These machines do all the work for you – Simply plug and play! 


Nitro Coffee on Tap

What's the secret with Nitro coffee and why should you have it at your shop?

If you have been offering the same coffee beverages forever, now is the time to mix it up!  Nitro coffee isn't just a beverage; it's an experience!  When you serve nitro coffee, you get to watch in awe as a cascade of coffee magic pours into the glass. Nitrogen infusion transforms your coffee into a liquid silky drink. The smooth, creamy texture sets it apart from the ordinary cold-brew coffee. Your customers will love and will be back for more and more.

Say goodbye to mundane hot coffee. Nitro coffee is served cold, making it the ultimate refresher on hot days. You can also get creative with nitro coffee:  Experiment with different beans, roasts, and flavor to add to create a menu that's uniquely yours.  Nitro coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a revenue booster. Being a specialty beverage, you are able to charge more of a premium for this amazing drink.  And youc can say goodbye to long waits/lines – Nitro coffee is quick and easy to serve, ensuring that your customers are on their way in as little time as possible. 

Have room for a full-size nitro coffee kegerator? 

Check out our extensive lineup of full-size cold brew & nitro coffee kegerators!  These fridge units allow you to hold more volume of cold brew and nitro coffee in them, as well as different varieties of coffee.