How do you clean the pre-filter on the Brood nitro machines?

Cleaning the pre-filter is a necessary step to keep your Brood DRNX machine pouring smoothly and creating the best nitro pours possible.

The pre-filter is a necessary component to keep your Brood DRNX machine pouring nitro at its best. Make sure to clean the pre-filter periodically to keep your nitro pours perfect.

  1. Disconnect the white male elbow from the reservoir.
  2. Proceed to remove the tubing on each side of the pre-filter by pushing the lips of the push connect fitting in whilst pulling the tube out simultaneously.
  3. Unscrew/open the pre-filter. You may be able to do this by hand, but a wrench might be necessary.
  4. Remove the mesh filter and clean thoroughly.
  5. Close the pre-filter and hand-tighten. You will likely want to snug the fitting with a wrench to make sure it is an airtight seal.
  6. Re-connect the tubings, make sure to insert and twist simultaneously to ensure the tubing is fully seated.

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