Complete Countertop Nitro Beverage Dispenser & Chiller

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Complete Countertop Nitro Beverage Dispenser & Chiller
Brand: Enhanced Beverage Solutions
Part Number: WatNitro
Price: $3,495.00 List Price: $3,999.99

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Experience On-Demand Nitro Draft Beverages with the WatNitro Countertop Dispenser

Elevate your beverage service with the WatNitro dispenser, bringing the true draft experience right to your countertop. Equipped with stainless steel nitro stout faucets, this system delivers the perfect nitro cold brew, enhancing your customers' experience. Designed for ease of use, the WatNitro is ideal for both behind-the-bar and customer-facing setups. Its compact size, the smallest footprint in the industry, allows for versatile placement almost anywhere.

Fully self-contained, the WatNitro includes an Atmospheric Nitrogen Generator, eliminating the need for external gas sources. The built-in eco-friendly chiller uses R290 refrigerant and dispenses beverages at a rate of 20 liters per hour. The two-faucet design offers the authentic draft experience for both still and nitro-infused beverages.

The WatNitro draws from multiple sources, including bag-in-box, keg, or cold brew vessels, and supports a wide range of beverages such as nitro cold brew, nitro tea, made-to-order nitro energy drinks, nitro espresso martinis, mocktails, and cocktails.

True Draft Experience

Enhance your beverage service with an authentic draft experience right from your countertop. Whether used behind the bar or in a customer-facing setup, operating the faucet delivers the genuine feel of draft service. One faucet dispenses still beverages, while the other provides nitro-infused drinks at a rate of 20 liters per hour.

Smallest Footprint in the Industry

The WatNitro unit’s compact design allows it to be placed virtually anywhere. Fully self-contained, it fits perfectly even in the tightest spaces. Its hidden controls make it suitable for both behind-the-bar and customer-facing applications.

Versatile Product Sourcing

The on-board beverage pump can draw ready-to-drink products from a variety of sources, including kegs, cold brew vessels, or bag-in-box systems. The auto-shutoff feature ensures continuous operation during beverage changeovers. The WatNitro also supports the use of concentrates with an optional Dilution Station.

Creative Drink Options

The WatNitro system enables you to expand your drink offerings. Dispense a wide range of beverages, including nitro cold brew, made-to-order nitro energy drinks, nitro tea lattes, nitro espresso martinis, and nitro cocktails and mocktails. Unleash your creativity and offer trendy nitro-infused beverages.

Atmospheric Nitrogen Generator

Effortlessly generate atmospheric nitrogen with the simple pull of a handle, eliminating the need for an external gas tank. This system produces nitrogen on demand, ensuring a smooth, creamy, and long-lasting cascade with every pour.

Eco-Friendly Built-In Chiller

Our advanced refrigeration system, developed through years of expertise, chills beverages on demand. Using eco-friendly R290 refrigerant and multiple coil levels, it ensures beverages are dispensed at the perfect temperature.



  • Dual Faucets Dispense Still or Nitro Infused Beverages
  • Beverage Chiller Using Eco-friendly R290 Refrigerant
  • Built-in Atmospheric Nitrogen Generator - Eliminates Need for External Gas Tank
  • Draws from BIB, Keg or other Cold Brew Vessel
  • Small Footprint Measuring 7.25”w x 14”d x 16”t
  • Model# WatNitro

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WatNitro Complete Countertop Nitro Beverage Dispenser & Chiller $3,495.00 Add to Cart

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