Hardware & Fittings » Threaded to Barb Fittings

Our thread-to-barb fittings are made of 304 brewer's grade stainless steel and come in a wide range of sizes for many applications when brewing and fermenting.

Our threaded MPT to barb fittings come in a few different sizes to fit your breweries' needs.  These MPT to barb fittings are used mainly for attaching to a ball valve on your fermenter or brewery and then attaching a hose onto the end of the barb.

The can also be used in attaching to other MPT threaded products, such as Tees to be used for CO2 gas lines.

What is a NPT Fitting? 
NPT Stands for National Pipe Thread Taper. Under the NPT category you have a couple different options; MPT and FPT.

  • MPT - Male Pipe Taper (This is a threaded Male Fitting that will screw into a Female Pipe Taper FPT)
  • FPT - Female Pipe Taper (This is a threaded Female Fitting that a Male Pipe Taper MPT will screw into)