GovReg® Secondary Regulators

GovReg® Secondary Regulators are a type of pressure regulator used in draft beer dispense systems. They are designed to provide precise and consistent control of the pressure applied to each individual keg, resulting in better pours and less wasted beer.

Here's how GovReg® Secondaries work:

  • Primary Regulator: A primary regulator is typically attached to the CO2 tank and reduces the high pressure from the tank to a lower, usable pressure.
  • Secondary Regulator: GovReg Secondary Regulators are then attached to the primary regulator's output line, one for each keg. They further reduce the pressure down to the specific level needed for that particular keg of beer.

Benefits of Using GovReg® Secondary Regulators:

  • Improved Pour Quality: By precisely controlling the pressure to each keg, GovRegs ensure that every pour is consistent, with the correct amount of carbonation and head.
  • Reduced Waste: Consistent pours mean less beer is wasted due to over-carbonation or under-carbonation.
  • Simplified System: GovRegs are compact and easy to install, even in tight spaces. They also eliminate the need for multiple secondary regulators, simplifying your dispense system.
  • Temperature Independence: Once you set the pressure on a GovReg, you can focus on ensuring the beer is at the correct temperature. This is because GovRegs compensate for minor temperature fluctuations, maintaining consistent carbonation levels.
  • Set It and Forget It: Once you've got your GovReg® dialed in, there is no need to mess with it, and you don't have to worry about anyone else messing with it as can be the case with traditional secondary regulators.

Things to Consider before purchasing GovReg® Secondaries:

Cost: GovRegs can save money over traditional secondary regulators, but they do require the purchase of an adjustment tool if you want the ability to change their output pressure.
Complexity: While they simplify the overall system, GovRegs themselves have more parts and require proper adjustment.

Overall, GovReg® Secondary Regulators can be a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their draft beer pours and reduce waste. However, they are not necessary for everyone, and the decision of whether or not to use them depends on your individual needs and budget.