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Flared Fittings, also referred to as MFL of FFL Fittings create a strong seal and are generally used in both liquid and gas side applications.

The majority of our Flared fittings are made in 304 Stainless Steel and come in 1/4" Flare.  We do have other sizes of flared fittings.  If you are not finding a specific flared fitting on our site, send us an email with the specific fitting you are looking for and chances are we have it or can source very quickly for you!

What is a flared fitting?

A flared fitting is a threaded fitting where the end will be tapered.  The male and female ends of a flared fitting, when threaded together will join a very strong, pressure-resistant, leak-tight seal.  These fittings are great for both liquid and gas applications in the draft industry.  Flared fittings can be made in a variety of materials such as, galvanized, brass, and for the beverage industry, we generally use 304 Stainless Steel.