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Our thread-to-barb fittings are made of 304 brewer's grade stainless steel and come in a wide range of sizes for many applications when brewing and fermenting.

Our threaded MPT to barb fittings come in a few different sizes to fit your breweries' needs.  These MPT to barb fittings are used mainly for attaching to a ball valve on your fermenter or brewery and then attaching a hose onto the end of the barb.

The can also be used in attaching to other MPT threaded products, such as Tees to be used for CO2 gas lines.

1/4" NPT to 5/16" Barb Stainless Steel Fitting / 1/4" NPT to 5/16" Barb Stainless Steel Fitting
Part# 1-4-NPT-5-16-BARB
$7.99  $4.99

What is a NPT Fitting? 
NPT Stands for National Pipe Thread Taper. Under the NPT category you have a couple different options; MPT and FPT.

  • MPT - Male Pipe Taper (This is a threaded Male Fitting that will screw into a Female Pipe Taper FPT)
  • FPT - Female Pipe Taper (This is a threaded Female Fitting that a Male Pipe Taper MPT will screw into)