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Draft Liquid and Gas line Splicers can be used to extend your hose or split your hose from one to multiple lines.  Stainless Steel Tee Splicers or Crosses can be used to make one gas line become 2 or 3 lines all set to the same pressure to carbonate and pressurize multiple kegs at the same time.  Hose splicers are a very affordable and effective way of pressurizing multiple kegs at one time.  

If you get into a situation where one of your lines does not need to be used, you can simply cap off the line with a hose plug until needed in the future. 

Blank WYE /
Part# AD302
$9.99  $8.95
Hose Plug - Beer Line Plug /
Part# HO215
$1.99  $1.50
Hose Splicer /
Part# HO211
$2.50  $1.75
Y Tee - Stainless Steel /
Part# TE102
$4.95  $4.50