Nitrogen Regulator - Taprite (120 PSI)

Nitrogen Regulator - Taprite (120 PSI)
Brand: Taprite - Beverage Dispense Equipment
Part Number: RG201-120PSI
Price: $97.02 List Price: $100.37

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Nitrogen Regulator with 120 PSI Capability - Taprite Dual Gauge

This is a brand new Taprite regulator.  It is quality made, most consistent and accurate regulator on the market! 

The regulator comes with a 5/16" Check Valve! 

This regulator will not loose pressure, even when your nitrogen level begins to get low, like some cheaper made regulators.  Regulator has a Ball type check valve, solid brass body with extra ling nipple, heavy duty UL rated gauges, and safety shut off safety system (which will blow off at 110 to 120 PSI). Plus this regulator has a permanent Quad Ring Seal, which eliminates the need for the plastic washer which goes in-between your regulator and CO2 Tank!

This regulator is ideal for serving nitro coffee at high pressures.  If you are using a regulator that is only rated to 60 psi, and you are looking to serving nitro coffee at 55 psi or higher, chances are your regulator will blow off as a safety feature at that high of psi.  This is the regulator of choice for serving at 55 PSI or higher. 

Taprite Part Number 5741PMHPNT
Regulator Inlet Type CGA580
Working Pressure Range 0-120psi
Gas Type Nitrogen, Argon
Pressures & Products 1 product, 1 pressure
  • CGA 580 Valve
  • 120 PSI regulator (regulator may begin to blow off pressure slightly before 120 PSI)

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RG201-120PSI Nitrogen Regulator - Taprite (120 PSI) $97.02 Add to Cart

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