Nitro Infuser Pro Dual Tap - NitroNow Inline Nitrogen Infuser

Nitro Infuser Pro Dual Tap - NitroNow Inline Nitrogen Infuser
Brand: Enhanced Beverage Solutions
Part Number: NI-9102-11
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Nitro Infuser Pro Dual Tap Next Level Nitrogen Infusion

The dual Nitro Infuser give you the power to serve 2 different types or flavors of nitro coffee, tea or other beverages at the same time! Whether you are serving your cold brew coffee from a commercial sanke D style keg, or a homebrew corny keg, our revolutionary Nitro Infuser modules allow you to take a flat keg of cold brew coffee and instantly nitrogenate it on the fly! The Nitro Infuser uses patent pending technology which mixes the cold brew coffee with high pressure nitrogen in a series of chambers just before existing the faucet, giving your nitro coffee the optimal frothiness and head. With this system you no longer need to worry about pre-charging and infusing kegs with nitrogen prior to serving a rich, frothy nitro coffees.  Simply attach your flat cold brew coffee keg to the inline nitro infuser system and you are ready to turn flat cold brew coffee into nitro coffee instantly! 

Benefits of Using the Nitro Infuser:

  • Quickly installs between keg and tap
  • Nitrogenates at the tap, eliminating the need to pre-charge the keg
  • Nitrogen cascades up to 10X Longer
  • Nitrogen suspends up to 5X Longer 
  • No more shaking the keg
  • Consistent, repeatable pour from glass to glass
  • Impressive speed of pour
  • Allows for customization of result for shop standards
  • User-friendly and adaptable to customer self-serve environments

Installing the NitroNow Infuser on an Existing Draft System

Be sure to check out the full line of EBS Nitro Infusers and other products by Enhanced Beverage Solutions at Keg Outlet.

Can I install this on my existing kegerator?

Absolutely.  This unit installs inline with your existing setup with with easy.  It's as simple as mounting the Nitro Infuser inside your kegerator with the included mounting pad, and cutting your draft and gas lines and attaching them to the nitro infuser with the provided clamps.  

Is there maintenance involved?

Once installed inline with your draft system, the only maintenance you will need to do with your nitro infuser module is standard cleaning and sanitizing of your draft system.  The Nitro Infuser is designed to clean in place.  Simple attach a keg of cold brew cleaning solution to your draft system and let run through your Nitro infuser and out through the Faucet.  Chances are you are already taking this step to regularly clean and sanitize your draft system already. Then followup with a water rinse and sanitizer.  See our cold brew cleaning and sanitizing kit for more information. 

Do I still need to use Quick Cascade Lids with this?

No.  This eliminates the need for quick cascade lids.  The Nitro Infuser utilizes the in-line nitrogenation technique, vs. pre-infusing the keg like done with the quick cascade lids.  

When using the infuser, is it still necessary to use a stout tap?

Yes. The nitro infuser charges your coffee (liquid) with nitrogen. The stout tap is necessary for delivering the rich, cascading pour.  

Product Specifications:

  • Multiple-vortex nitrogen mixing/infusion chambers
  • Standard operation 28 PSI (rated to 90 PSI)
  • Adjustable nitrogen infusion control
  • Dimensions
    • Excluding barbs and adjustment controls: 8 5/8" x 4 1/8" x 1 1/4"
    • Including barbs and adjustment controls: 10 3/4" x 6" x 1 1/4"
    • Compare to previous version at: 12" x 4" x 6"

The Nitro Infuser is a great alternative to:

  • Micro Matic NIM / MININIM / Nitrogen Gas Infusion Module
  • Wilbur Curtis Nitro Infuser / NIB1 / NIB2 / NIB3

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