Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee Keg - 5 Gallon Ball Lock (Used)

Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee Keg - 5 Gallon Ball Lock (Used)
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: KG101-KO
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Used Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee Keg - 5 Gallon Ball Lock

These used 5 gallon ball lock kegs are a great option for our coffee friends on a budget!  They work great for serving either flat cold brew coffee on draft, or by adding a Quick Cascade Nitro Coffee Keg Lid to your keg, you can easily nitrogenate your cold brew for serving nitro coffee on draft from this keg!  These kegs have been washed on the inside and pressure tested but may still have some residual soda odors as they are from the soda industry.  An overnight soak in Brew Clean and hot water will help eliminate any residual odors that used kegs may retain.  To maintain clean kegs for your cold brew and nitro coffee, we always recommend using our 1-2 Cold Brew Cleaning Kit which will help clean any coffee oils and sanitize your kegs in a 2 step process. 


This is a re-conditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock corny keg (Pepsi style). This corny keg has been cleaned and soaked in a hot "Straight-A" (brand name) cleaning solution, re-rinsed, lubed and re-pressurized to check the seals. The kegs are in good shape, but could have dings, dents, scratches or stickers on them.   These will not effect the function of the kegs. Many have stickers on the outside. Also, due to the age of these kegs, the rubber handles can leave black marks on your hands. We do not wash the outside of them, only the inside. The keg might be of either Cornelius, Firestone (also called Spartenburg) or Italian construction. All types of kegs are manufactured to the same specifications and are of the same quality. The lids and O-rings are interchangeable. We match kegs by brand and try to match by model as well so you will be able to use the same parts in the future. We are not able to guarantee an exact match because there are sometimes minor differences even between the same brand and model. We fully guarantee your satisfaction with the kegs you purchase.

What is the difference between a Ball Lock (homebrew) Kegs and a Commercial Kegs?

  • Size: 5 Gallon
  • Condition: Reconditioned Used Keg. Inside washed and pressure tested.

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I'll NEVER bottle my beer again! September 15, 2011

After my first time kegging my beer I vowed to never return to bottling. Transferring beer from my secondary fermenter directly into the keg is so easy. It saves so much time and not to mention, I was able to drink my beer the following day! I'm a fan and will be kegging all of my beer from here on out!

Easy to fill
No messing with cleaning bottles
Small size compared to a full keg
Still small enough to be portable
You can keg & drink your beer within days rather than weeks

Hard (impossible) to find these new - always used

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