Quick Cascade Nitro Coffee Keg Lid

Quick Cascade Nitro Coffee Keg Lid
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Brand: Cold Brew Avenue
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Nitro Coffee Carbonating Keg Lid

Looking for a better way of infusion your cold brew coffee with nitrogen?  You found it! 
No more waiting days, or having to shake your keg to infuse your nitro coffee!

This keg lid features a ball lock gas post which is attached to a piece of food grade hose, that has a stainless steel .5 micron diffusion stone on the end of it.  The stone will hang down in the bottom of your keg of cold brew coffee (or other beverage) and allow the nitrogen (or other gas you may be using) to infuse into your beverage from the bottom up.  This makes infusing cold brew coffee for serving nitro coffee on draft much easier and faster than having to shake your keg!

The Nitro Coffee Carbonating Keg Lids come in 3 different length hoses depending on which size kegs you are using for your cold brew:

  • 5 Gallon Keg = 24" Length
  • 3 Gallon Keg = 15" Length
  • 2.5 Gallon Keg = 13" Length

How to use the Nitro Coffee Carbonating Keg Lid:

Before Getting Started:
Make sure your beverage is COLD (34–38°F ) before proceeding. The colder the better!  Gas absorbs into cold liquids much better than warm.

Instructions For Use with Coffee (Nitrogen):

  1. Boil the stone for 2–3 minutes before using to ensure that your stone is sterile and remove any residual/oils.
  2. Sanitize the entire keg lid, line and stone before dropping into your full keg.
  3. Set the PSI on your regulator to 3–4 PSI and attach your gas disconnect to the post on the top of the carbonating lid. Leave keg at this pressure for a few minutes.
  4. Raise your pressure 3-5 PSI every few minutes until you reach your desired serving pressure (usually around 30-40 PSI).
  5. When your keg is all carbonated, you can leave keg lid on for life of keg (which we recommend if you are going through your keg of coffee within a week or so), or swap the carbonating lid with the standard keg lid so that you can use the carbonating lid on another keg. Remove the gas line from the keg lid, release pressure from your keg by pulling relief valve on lid. Return original keg lid, then reattach your gas line to the gas post on your keg. 
  6. After each use, properly clean and sanitize your entire keg lid, and boil your carb stone so that it will be clean and ready for your next batch. 


  • Diffusion Stone: .5 Micron
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Hose Length: Varies depending on selection



Making Nitro Coffee in 20 Minutes:


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C-LID-KO Quick Cascade Nitro Coffee Keg Lid 5 Gallon Keg $64.95 Add to Cart
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C-LID-KO-2.5 Quick Cascade Nitro Coffee Keg Lid (2.5 Gallon Keg) 2.5 Gallon Keg $64.95 Add to Cart

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4 out of 4 found the following review helpful


Thank you guys so much! Love these lids! July 13, 2016

For all of you who are currently serving nitro coffee and waiting for your kegs to nitrogenate or who are shaking the kegs to nitrogenate them, STOP RIGHT NOW and order one (or more) of these lids! These things are great!

I've been using these for a couple weeks now and these have significantly decreased the amount of time, effort and energy it takes us to create a keg of nitro coffee.

Now for every new keg that we order, we also purchase a Quick Cascade Nitro Coffee Keg Lid to go with it.

Thanks Keg Outlet! Love you guys!!!

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2 out of 2 found the following review helpful


Time Saver / Life Saver! July 11, 2016

This product has saved so much time for us! I really can't imagine going back to our old way of doing things (lots of keg shaking).

As with all of the other products and tutorial videos the guys at Keg Outlet release and endorse, this is another "win". The lid with the diffusion stone at the end makes charging kegs of nitro coffee both quick and painless.

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