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The Brew Bomb X45 Cold Drip Coffee Brew System

The Brew Bomb X45 Cold Drip Coffee Brew System
Brand: Cold Brew Avenue
List Price: $15,999.00

The Brew Bomb X45 Cold Brew System delivers commercial quantities of Cold Brew Coffee brewed to precise standards. The innovative design provides the Brew Master with complete control over brewing variables thus delivering the ability to craft unique brews as well as control batch consistency.

With an extremely versatile batch capacity of 2.5 to 60 gallons and brew cycles as short as 1 hour, The Brew Bomb is a multipurpose brewer. Everything from small batch Geishas to commercial batch concentrates can be easily crafted. The brewer’s simple design is self filtering and the brew process, coffee in and spent grinds out, is simplified. 15 minutes to clean up and prepare another batch is easily managed.

Cold Brew Efficiency

The Brew Bomb Cold Brew System utilizes a drip brew process which is fundamentally more efficient than immersion brewing. The high efficiency extraction can yield up to 15% more cold brew for the same amount of ground coffee.

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm —

Brew Bomb Specs & Requirements

  • Footprint: 29.5" width x 27.5" depth x 59" height
  • Weight: 365 lbs
  • Water Requirements: 50psi supply line / ½" Male NPT Stub
  • Power Requirements: 12V powered by 110V-240V wall transformer

The Brew Bomb Story

The Brew Bomb was born from necessity.

Ray Buerger, the driving force behind the The Brew Bomb Cold Brew System, is in the coffee business in SE Asia. The retail coffee market in SE Asia is predominately iced coffee, thus Ray begin a joint venture with Bangkok’s top Roaster, Roots Coffee, to develop Cold Brew Coffee products for the local market. As soon as the brewing started however, the difficulties inherent in the cold brew process made commercial production extremely difficult. "The equipment was clunky, inefficient and the cold brew was hit and miss". So began the Brew Bomb journey. The guiding principles have always been about blending function, form and simplicity into a device that crafts the Brew Master’s intent into super tasty Cold Brew Coffee. We think we have succeeded with The Brew Bomb Cold Brew System.

Setting up your Brew Bomb Cold Brew Coffee Drip System


Brewing with the Brew Bomb Cold Brew Coffee Drip System


Cleaning your Brew Bomb Cold Drip System in Minutes!

Programing your Brew Bomb Cold Drip System.

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CBS-BREWBOMB The Brew Bomb X45 Cold Drip Coffee Brew System $14,950.00

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