What are the Brew Bomb system specifications and requirements for operation?

While the Brew Bomb simplifies the brewing process the precision drip technology delivers wide ranging versatility and control over the brewing variables thus allowing for uniquely crafted brews.

Single Batch Brew Capacity: 5 - 60 gallons

Note: The catch cart capacity is 50 gallons. If larger brews are desired, a 2nd catch cart will be required. The Brew Bomb utilizes the grinds as a filtering element. A minimum grind depth of 6" is required, thus 5 gallon batches will require the Small Batch Cylnder option.

Single Batch Brew Times: 1 - 6 hours

Coffee Capacity: 40 - 45 lbs (dependent upon grind size)

Footprint and Weight: 75cm x 70cm x 150cm / 365 lbs

Water Requirements and Hookup: 50psi supply / 1/2" male NPT stub

Power Requirement: 12V system powered by 110-240V wall transformer

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