Soda Carbonating Kit - Taprite Regulator - 5 lb CO2 Tank

Soda Carbonating Kit - Taprite Regulator - 5 lb CO2 Tank
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Soda Carbonating Kit - Taprite Regulator - 5 lb CO2 Tank

This home soda carbonating kit allows you to Carbonate Soda, Soda Water, Juice, beer or almost any other beverage using a standard 2 Liter Soda Bottle!

The kit is fully assembled and Includes:

  • 5 lb. CO2 Tank (shipped empty)
  • Dual gauge Taprite CO2 regulator
  • Gas Hose with Ball Lock Disconnect
  • Stainless Steel Soda bottle adapter - Ball Lock Fitting (will fit all standard store-bought 2-liter soda bottles, and many other soda bottle sizes that use the same cap)

All you do is put the liquid in the bottle leaving a little room on the top (couple of inches is fine) then put on Carbonator cap, squeeze out excess air and turn on the CO2. Keep pressure between 30 and 40 PSI and shake bottle for 1 minute. This will carbonate your beverage! The key is getting the beverage very cold before carbonating.

Use in conjunction with our Soda Extract Flavors, or use your own soda recipe. We often use it around here to make sparkling water.

On average, customers report getting about 180 carbonated liters from a 20 oz CO2 bottle (this kit comes with a 5 lb CO2 Tank, so you will be able to carbonate much more!).

NOTE: The bottle in the photo is for illustration only, it is not included. Just use a standard 1 or 2-liter storebought soda bottle. 

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This is also great for carbonating sodas, and making your own homemade Topo Chico and other flavor-infused bubbble waters!

How to make homemade soda or bubble water

By following the steps seen in our video below, you'll be able to make your own soda or bubble water at home, quickly and easily.

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Great Product! No hassle and as described February 6, 2020

Loving this carbonation system. My sodastream died on me and I was tired of paying for their proprietary CO2 refills. I heard about making your own rig for seltzer, but I didn't want to deal with the hassle of ordering all the right parts and connecting it up (I am handy but totally new to carbonation). I went out searching for a "kit" that would have everything I need to start carbonating out of the box. It is a huge bonus that this product is already assembled. All parts are securely fitted together with the correct tubing and adapters. Other than the time it took to go to my local homebrew place to get a CO2 refill the set up was as simple as screwing the regulator onto the tank and I was good to go!

Quality is all there. Brand new tank as advertised. Taprite regulator, and everything is solid.

As far as price it is really not that much more than ordering the pieces a la carte and assembling yourself so there really no downside and you don't have to worry about sketchy quality components or getting the wrong or excess fittings.

I have had a great time carbonating all sorts of beverages and getting comfortable with the system in general. Since this product uses all universal components I can build off of it in the future. I am already looking at making a kegerator type set up for my seltzer!

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Worth the money as it's well made January 14, 2023

The other reviewer here already said a lot of what needed to be sent but as it's two years old let me add to it.

This kit came perfectly assembled requiring only a few nuts to be tightened and the tank I got was new and recently tested so it will be good for 5 years at my local CO2 provider.

The stainless steel cap is high quality and the build quality is flawless.

This is a much better option than a soda stream as it's much cheaper to operate over time and your helping the environment but now using a bunch of those expensive soda stream cartridges

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