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Tired of drinking store-bought soda? Make your own with our soda extracts and flavors. It's healthier, cheaper, and more fun!

Now offering homemade seltzer making kits!  Our specialty-crafted Topa Topa Mineral Water Kit is a clone recipe for the famous Topo Chico Mineral Water.  It uses the exact recipe and proportions as a store-bought Topo Chico!  Start saving money by making your own home made Topa Chico today with out home carbonation kits!

Welcome to the world of DIY draft soda with our exceptional soda extracts and flavors. Are you ready to unleash your inner soda artisan and craft your custom fizzy creations? Look no further.

Crafting Your Perfect Soda with Our Soda Extracts & Flavors

Our Soda Extracts and Flavors empower you to become the master of your own soda universe. With a wide range of flavors to choose from, you can create soda concoctions that cater perfectly to your taste buds. From classic cola to zesty citrus and everything in between, the possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Our Soda Extracts?

  • Flavor Variety: Our collection spans a spectrum of flavors, allowing you to experiment and create unique, delightful sodas that will impress your taste buds and guests.
  • Ease of Use: Crafting draft soda at home has never been simpler. Just mix our extracts with soda water, and you're ready to enjoy your favorite fizzy beverage. Or you could alternatively mix your soda with water and carbonate it in one of our kegging systems, allowing you to serve your favorite sodas on draft.
  • Customization: Tired of the same old soda options? With our extracts, you can craft a soda that's uniquely yours. Tailor sweetness levels and flavors to your liking.
  • Economical: Skip the store-bought soda and enjoy a more cost-effective, flavorful alternative that's perfect for everyday sipping or special occasions.

Join the Soda Crafting Revolution

Whether you're looking to surprise your guests with a dazzling array of homemade sodas or just craving the perfect, personalized refreshment, our soda extracts and flavors are your ticket to soda success.

Start your soda crafting journey today and savor the satisfaction of creating your draft soda creations. Cheers to flavor, fizz, and fun!