Stainless Steel Soda Bottle Carbonating Cap

Stainless Steel Soda Bottle Carbonating Cap
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This Soda carbonating cap works just like the classic plastic version of the carbonator cap, but is entirly stainless steel which will last much longer!  This is great for using a standard 2 liter (and other sizes) soda bottle to transport your beer fully carbonated. You can also use it for carbonating your own soda, water or juice. We also use it for carbonating water for sparkling water.

The key is to make sure your beverage is very cold (cold liquids absorb CO2 much faster).  Leave about 3" of head space in the bottle and attach the carbonator cap to the bottle.  Squeeze out all the air from the bottle and tighten the cap on the bottle.  Attach your CO2 gas line to the carbonator cap with a Ball Lock Disconnect, turn your regulator up to 20-30 PSI (DO NOT EXCEED 40 PSI !!!!), shake vigorously for a minute or two (or until you reach the desired carbonation level) and enjoy your carbonated beverage!

Stainless Steel Soda Bottle Adapter Cap w/ Ball Lock Post and 5/16" Barb

Very easy to carbonate using a standard Gas Ball Lock Disconnect on your homebrew keg setup. 

This is also great for carbonating water and making your own bubble water!

NOTE: The threading on many soda bottles in the U.S. has been changing.  This threading uses the classic, or old style threading. Not the newer shorter style cap threading. 

Soda Bottle Adapter Cap Features

  • Material: 304 Stailness Steel
  • Barb: 5/16" Barb Inside

How to make homemade soda or bubble water

By following the steps seen in our video below, you'll be able to make your own soda or bubble water at home, quickly and easily.

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