How to Make Sparkling Water and Soda at Home

Video: How to Make Sparkling Water and Soda at Home

Craft your own fizzy fun at home with this DIY method for carbonated water, ditching the Soda Stream for a more adventurous approach. But remember, safety first! Ensure you understand your equipment and its pressure ratings before embarking on this bubbly journey.

How to Make Sparkling Water at Home:

  1. Safety First: Familiarize yourself with your CO2 equipment and ensure all connections are secure before proceeding. Do not exceed the pressure rating of your soda bottle or adapter.
  2. Sanitize: Thoroughly clean and sanitize the soda bottle, adapter, and any other equipment that will come into contact with the water.
  3. Fill the Bottle: Using a measuring cup, add the desired amount of water to the soda bottle. Leave some headspace to allow CO2 into the bottle for better carbonation.
  4. Attach the Adapter: Screw the soda bottle adapter onto the empty soda bottle securely.
  5. Connect the Gas Line: Attach the gas hose to the regulator and then to the soda bottle adapter, ensuring all connections are tight.
  6. Slowly Carbonate: With the CO2 cylinder valve closed, open the regulator valve slightly and gradually. Observe the pressure gauge and stop when reaching the desired carbonation level, typically around 20-30 psi. Start low and increase in small increments to avoid over-carbonating. Optionally shake the bottle to help infuse CO2 faster.
  7. Release Pressure: Once carbonated, close the regulator valve slowly and then disconnect the gas line.
  8. Enjoy: Refrigerate the bottle for at least 30 minutes to allow the carbonation to settle. Open carefully and enjoy your homemade sparkling water!

Additional Tips:

  • Use cold water for better carbonation.
  • Start with small batches to experiment with different carbonation levels.
  • Never exceed the pressure rating of your equipment.
  • Always handle CO2 with caution and respect.
  • If you're unsure about any step, consult a professional or seek further information before proceeding.

This can alternatively be done with a keg! If you're looking to make more sparkling water than a 1L or 2L bottle full, check out our draft soda & seltzer kits.

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