Nitrogen Generator DN-6NA by Parker

Nitrogen Generator DN-6NA by Parker
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: DN-6NA

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Parker nitrogen generators completely eradicate the danger, inconvenience, and high costs of truck delivered nitrogen. The hassles of changing high-pressure cylinders and the routine interruption of nitrogen supply is completely eliminated.

They offer long-term cost stability by eliminating vendor price increases, contract negotiations, long term commitments, and hazmat charges.

Once installed, a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen is available within a few minutes of startup.

Nitrogen, unlike CO2, imparts a small bubble that creates an attractive cascade down the side of a glass. More importantly, the small size of the nitrogen bubble creates a smooth, creamy finish on your palate. Consumers report that it is even sweeter than conventional iced coffee.

Key Nitrogen Generator Features

  • High purity of 99.9% + Nitrogen - the same purity and supplier used to bottle fine wines around the world.
  • This system has NSF and cULus approval and meets a dozen international safety certifications so you are assured to keep your employees and customers safe.
  • The final filter meets FDA requirements and is rated at 99.9999+% removal at 0.01 micron. It delivers sterile nitrogen with a 7 log reduction in bacteria counts.
  • Standby mode engages when there is no demand for nitrogen, saving energy at night or when you are not pouring.
  • The system generates 6 cubic feet of nitrogen per hour to handle your busiest days pouring nitro cold brew.
  • High quality air separation media that assures prime performance for years to come.
  • Made in the USA. Locally designed and built in Massachusetts.
  • Parker is a fortune 250 company with the resources to support your business.
  • Nationwide service and installation available with 700 technicians across the country.
  • Quiet operation. Less than 65 dB(A) peak, 60 dB(A) sustained operation.
  • Long product life of 10+years.
  • Simple annual maintenance.
  • 220 VAC/50 HZ units available for overseas requirements.

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DN-6NA Nitrogen Generator DN-6NA by Parker $7,999.00

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