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We now offer a range of different sized nitrogen tanks in both steel and aluminum.  We typically recommend the 20cu/ft Steel Nitrogen tank, or the 22cu/ft Aluminum Nitrogen tank for size reasons if you are looking to keep your nitro tank inside your Nitro Coffee Kegerator unit.  These tanks are fairly compact in size and will not take up more room than a standard 5 gallon keg.  These are the ideal tank sizes if you are looking to get a cold brew and nitro coffee kegerator that will be serving both cold brew and nitro coffee, as the nitrogen tank and regulator will need to stay inside one of our compact cold brew and nitro coffee kegerators.

If you are storing your nitrogen tank outside of your kegerator or refrigerator unit, we would recommend the 40cu/ft or 55cu/ft Steel tank.  The large size gives you more gas, which mean you will be able to serve more cold brew and nitro coffee on draft before going getting them refilled!  

How many kegs of Nitro Coffee can I serve with a 20cu/ft Nitrogen Tank?

This is a difficult question to answer, but we can give you a good idea what you can expect! 

Nitrogen Generators for Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee  

We now offer a few cold brew and nitro coffee nitrogen generators for our clients sick of dealing with nitrogen tank refills and exchanges.  These awesome little machines start as small as a standard computer tower case, and produce nitrogen as needed from the ambient air!  That's right, start producing your own nitrogen and never run out our pay for another tank refill again!