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Make Cold Brew Coffee in Large Batches Filtering Large Batches

We have the first ALL Stainless Steel Cold Brew Coffee System on the market.  All of our products are made of 304 Brewer's grade stainless steel which is ideal for making cold brew coffee in.  Our Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Baskets are designed to give you a sanitary brewing material, filter your coffee grounds in an instant with no clogging or slowing, while providing you with an extremely well filtered coffee!  And these baskets clean with ease! No dealing with sloppy nylon mash bags that you can never seem to get all the coffee grounds out of, that will wear down and break after a couple uses. 

Looking for a custom size coffee filter basket?

We can manufacture any size and style Stainless Steel Filter.  Feel free to conatct us for a quote.

Benefits of Our Stainless Steel Cold Brewing System

Feature Our Cold Brew System Other Cold Brew Systems
Brew Large Scale Batches Nearly 50 gallons Limited to 5 gallons
All stainless steel design Clean, professional look   Unsightly plastic
Easy to rinse and clean Stainless filter is easy to clean & rinse   Mesh bag hard to remove grains from
Durable / Long life Durable Stainless Steel Construction   Plastic can scratch and become unsanitary
Sanitary / 304 Brewers Grade Stainless Full 304SS Design Food grade plastic / mesh bag
Eco-Friendly Entirely reusable (no disposable filters)   Need to purchase disposable filters regularly
Other Uses Full feature brew kettle, cold brew
or hot brew tea, kombucha & more
  None that we're aware of

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Using the Stainless Steel Cold Brew Coffee Maker







How to Cold Brew Coffee in Large Batches Step 1

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee in Large Batches [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Cold Brew Coffee in Large Batches Step 2

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee in Large Batches [INFOGRAPHIC]