Brood Nitro Dispensing Technology

Elevate your coffee, cocktail, and cold-brew experience with next-level nitro technology. Innovative nitro drink trends are sweeping the coffee and cocktail industries, and your customers expect you to keep up. BROOD’s expertly engineered cold brew and nitro infusion technology empower you to trail blaze your own trends and set a new industry standard across your business. Whether it's to simplify the cold brew process of steeping ground coffee in cold water for 12-24 hours or creating show stopping cocktails, the BROOD machine is the streamlined, nitro infuser you've been searching for.

Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee » Hot Draft Dispensers

Love the taste of cold brew coffee, and nitro coffee, but looking for a way better way to serve it hot?  Look no further!

Our Hot Draft Dispenser will take the beverage from a cold keg or bag in the box (BIB) product, and heat to the product on-the-fly.  By keeping your cold brew coffee, or nitro coffee cold in the keg you will be able to maintain preserve optimal flavor for the life of the keg.  Only heat the beverage as it is being dispensed through the hot tap dispenser.

Our hot draft coffee dispensers come in a variety of makes and models to meet every shop or venues needs, from low volume 110V units, which are perfect for small to medium sized coffee shops or restaurants, to high volume 240V units, which are ideal for very busy venues, like ball parts, stadiums, fairs and events when serving constantly is a must.

The hot tap units come in single or dual faucets, which can be configured in a variety of ways for serving a hot flat beverage, such as hot cold brew on draft, hot tea on draft, hot bone broth on draft, hot chocolate on draft, etc.  Or with a single faucet nitro faucet for serving hot nitro coffee on draft.  As well as dual faucet setups, which can be configured for serving 2 flats, 2 nitro, 1 of each style, or if you still want the option to have 1 hot and 1 cold that can be done as well!

Anything you want to serve hot, but keep cold in a keg or BIB to help preserve quality can now be done easily!

Countertop or Kegerator top installation
Serve Nitro Coffee Hot - Heat cold brew coffee on demand and serve as nitro coffee