Draft Coffee Starter Kit - Nitro Coffee w/ Tower

Draft Coffee Starter Kit - Nitro Coffee w/ Tower
Part Number: DCSK-NCT
Brand: Keg Outlet
Price: $349.00 to $409.89
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If you're looking to get started with nitro coffee, our Draft Coffee Starter Kits give you a great way to test and familiarize yourself with draft coffee without breaking the bank. Our kits come with just about everything you need to get going, you just need to select the size for your keg, add a nitrogen tank (and fill) and fill your keg with coffee. Our draft coffee starter kit with tower gives you a great way to convert an existing mini-fridge into a nitro coffee test lab. Read below for a quick step by step overview of getting started with our Draft Coffee Starter Kit.

  1. Mount your tower to your refrigerator / mini-fridge / keezer / or whereever you'd like to server from. Note that a hole will need to be drilled in order to feed the beverage line from the tower into the refrigerated space.
  2. Make sure that you properly clean your keg and draft system - we recommend the 1-2 Cold Brew Cleaning & Sanitizing Kit.
  3. Once the system is cleaned and ready, fill your keg with coffee and close up the keg using the Quick Cascade Keg Lid.
  4. Attach the draft line to the keg using the ball lock connection to the liquid/out post on the keg (make sure the faucet on the tower is in the off position).
  5. Attach the regulator to the nitrogen tank (note that you will have to have the nitrogen tank filled). Slowly open the nitrogen tank valve to provide pressure to the regulator.
  6. Attach the gas line to the Quick Cascade Lid on the keg.
  7. Open the shut-off valve on the regulator and slowly begin increasing the pressure to the keg by turning the screw clockwise (pressure can be decreased by turning counter clockwise)
  8. Once the pressure reaches the 35-45psi range, let the keg rest for 15-30 minutes to allow the coffee time to nitrogenate.
  9. Enjoy.

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DCSK-NCT-2AEB Draft Coffee Starter Kit - Nitro Coffee AEB 2.5G Keg w/ Tower AEB 2.5G Keg $389.89 Add to Cart
DCSK-NCT-5AEB Draft Coffee Starter Kit - Nitro Coffee AEB 5G Keg w/ Tower AEB 5G Keg $409.89 Add to Cart
DCSK-NCT-5U Draft Coffee Starter Kit - Nitro Coffee Used 5G Keg w/ Tower Used 5G Keg $349.00 Add to Cart

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