Nitrogen Tank - 20 Cubic Foot (NEW)

Nitrogen Tank - 20 Cubic Foot (NEW)
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: 20CUFT-N
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New 20 Cubic Foot Steel Nitrogen Tank

This tank is a great size for storing inside your kegerator for serving nitro coffee and cold brew coffee on draft.  The compact size will not take up as much room as the 28 cu/ft tank.  With smaller size, you have less gas though, so we recommend having an extra of these on hand to swap out if needed when one runs out. 

Steel tanks are heavier than aluminum tanks but can hold more pressure, and last longer before needing to be tested.  

  • Made from high quality 4130 CrMo alloy steel
  • Includes new brass CGA 580 Valve
  • Recent hydrotest date
  • 2234 PSI service rating
  • Manufactured to DOT/TC specs; certified for use in the US (DOT) and Canada (TC)
  • Manufactured in China
  • 5" Diameter
  • 18.5" Tall
  • 12.3 pounds (empty weight)
    Tank shipped empty by law.
  • 10 Year to retest

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