Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee Keg - 3 Gallon (Rubber Top AEB)

Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee Keg - 3 Gallon (Rubber Top AEB)
Part Number: KG3R-KO
Brand: AEB Kegs - Ball Lock Corny Kegs
Price: $129.89 List Price: $157.99
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New 3 Gallon Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee Keg with Rubber Top Handle (AEB Brand - Made in Italy) - Ball Lock

These are the top of the line homebrew style kegs on the market. They are made in Italy by AEB, who has been manufacturing kegs since 1989 with their main focus on top notch quality.  This is the brand of keg we always recommend to our cold brew and nitro coffee customers because of their quality and continued reliability.  You pay a little more than some other brands of kegs on the market, but you get what you pay for! 

The 3 gallon cold brew coffee keg is ideal for folks who are only serving a small amount of cold brew or nitro coffee each day.  This keg is also great for those serving at events, or need a lighter more portable option.  Its a classic size for taking to parties, tailgates, farmers markets, and even our coffee trike owners use these inside their cold boxes for serving draft coffee right from their bike! 

One of the main benefits to homebrew style corny kegs is that they have a large lid on top, which allows you to easily open the keg for cleaning and filling.  Compared to the commercial style beer kegs where you need specialized equipment to fill and clean which is very expensive.  So if you are cold brewing your own coffee and kegging yourself, these are they type of kegs you will want!  If you are looking to serve nitro coffee from this keg, simply add a Quick Cascade Lid to the keg (this will replace the existing lid on the keg) and will allow you to nitrogenate your keg of cold brew coffee in a matter of minutes rather than waiting days for the nitrogen to infuse into the coffee, and will eliminate any need of shaking or agitating the keg to help infuse.  

Here are some of the benefits and qualifications of these kegs:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • NSF Approved for Beverage use
  • ISO 9000 MAA Approval by Coca Cola
  • Manufactured by AEB since 1989
  • Manual pull-ring relief valve that also automatically vents at 130PSI
  • Stainless Steel strap style carry handle for extended handle life
  • Serial Numbers on each part with sanitary welds
  • 14.5" Tall X 8.5" Wide. Weighs 5.3 LBS empty


  • Size: 3 Gallon with Rubber Top Handle
  • Condition: New

Keg Size Handle Type Diameter Height Weight (Empty) Max PSI
2.5 Gallons Metal 8.5" 14.5" 5.3 LBS 130 PSI
2.5 Gallons Rubber Top 8.5" 15" 7.5 LBS 130 PSI
3 Gallons Metal 8.5" 16" 6 LBS 130 PSI
3 Gallons Rubber Top 8.5" 16.5" 7.5 LBS 130 PSI
5 Gallons Metal 8.5" 24.5 9 LBS 130 PSI
5 Gallons Rubber Top 8.5" 25" 11 LBS 130 PSI

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KG3R-KO Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee Keg - 3 Gallon (Rubber Top AEB) $129.89 Add to Cart

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Excellent quality February 9, 2017

These kegs are excellent in quality. Equal in every way to the original Corny kegs, only new!
I use the 2.5 gallon for soda and carbonating mead. This is one of my favorite kegs.

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