Brood Nitro Dispensing Technology

Elevate your coffee, cocktail, and cold-brew experience with next-level nitro technology. Innovative nitro drink trends are sweeping the coffee and cocktail industries, and your customers expect you to keep up. BROOD’s expertly engineered cold brew and nitro infusion technology empower you to trail blaze your own trends and set a new industry standard across your business. Whether it's to simplify the cold brew process of steeping ground coffee in cold water for 12-24 hours or creating show stopping cocktails, the BROOD machine is the streamlined, nitro infuser you've been searching for.

Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee » Cold Brew Coffee Maker Parts

While the majority of the components that come on our stainless steel large batch cold brew coffee makers, there are some small components that will ware out over time, such o-rings on your pick-up tubes. Below you will find all the replacement parts for our cold brew coffee makers, as well as individual cold brew coffee filter baskets and our patent pending cold brew coffee filter plates which work with any of our cold brew coffee makers!