Cold Brew Coffee Filter for Ball Lock Kegs

Cold Brew Coffee Filter for Ball Lock Kegs
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Part Number: CB-F
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Install inline between two ball lock Cornelius kegs using Nitrogen pressure to push the cold brew coffee out of the full keg through the filter and into the clean keg. This kit is designed to accept filters at different micron levels (1, 3 & 5 Micron Filters available).  This can filter out particles down to 1 micron, which is considered fine filtration. Filtering will help remove any fines from your coffee, leaving only clean, pure looking coffee. 

Also, this filter is a great precautionary step in ensuring that no ground get into the keg you are serving nitro coffee from.  If any ground make it through the draft lines, they will surly get clogged up in your restrictor plate of your nitro faucet.  

The Spun-polypropylene filters are disposable filters and cannot be cleaned or used more than once. However, you can filter multiple kegs with one filter.
5-10 micron is considered rough filtration, 3 micron will remove most yeast, and 1 micron filtration will remove almost all yeast. Standard filter cartridges are rated nominal (will filter out 80-85% of matter at given rating).

This kit comes with the filter house, hoses and ball lock disconnects attached.  
No filter is included.  Select the 10" filters that you prefer here. 


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