How long does it take to nitrogenate my cold brew?

Once your cold brew is in the keg, it won't immediately pour "nitro style" with a nice cascade and a frothy head. It first needs to be infused with nitrogen.

One step that eludes many people when it comes to nitro coffee is properly infusing the coffee with nitrogen. Without proper infusion, you will never get that rich, creamy, cascading, nitro style pour that you're looking for.

Just like carbonating beer, nitrogenating coffee takes time. In fact, it can take more time than carbonating beer because nitrogen is less soluble in liquid than CO2 is. If done traditionally, it can take beyond a couple days to properly infuse/nitrogenate coffee. With the help of our Quick Cascade™ Keg Lid, you will be able to infuse your nitro coffee in under an hour. Without the Quick Cascade Keg Lid, it can take you 2+ days to infuse your cold brew coffee with nitrogen.

How long does nitro cold brew last?

Nitro cold brew can last for 10-14 days (up to 2 weeks) when stored in a keg under nitrogen pressure and kept refrigerated. The nitrogen gas helps to preserve the coffee's freshness and flavor and prevent oxidation. After 2 weeks, you may, or may not, start to notice some changes in the flavor and aroma of the cold brew based on a number of variables mentioned below.

Here are some additional factors that can affect the longevity of nitro cold brew:

  • The quality and freshness of the coffee beans used
  • Cleaning and sanitization process on brewing equipment, kegs and draft equipment
  • The brewing method and process
  • The storage conditions - always keep at a refrigerated temperature

Nitro cold brew that is stored at room temperature will not last as long as nitro cold brew that is stored in the refrigerator, nor should cold brew be stored at room temperature as it can encourage the growth of mold/microbes/pathogens.


Now you can nitrogenate your coffee on-demand using an inline Nitro Infuser module. It used to take hours or days to nitrogenate your coffee, the Quick Cascade lid turned that into minutes, and the NitroNow Nitrogen Infuser has turned that into no waiting at all - nitrogenate your cold brew as you pour it!

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