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The AfterBurner

The AfterBurner
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AfterBurner is legit! September 21, 2020

First of all, the customer service from these guys is always on point. I've been buying equipment from these guys for 6 years now and they have never let me down. Our nitro system wasn't getting the right kind of cascade that we were used to so I ordered the AfterBurner to combine with our Quick Cascade lids to see if it would give it that extra little kick. Took me 15 minutes to install. I installed it right inside my tower by cutting the product line going to my nitro coffee spout and then attached it to the AfterBurner. First pour and every one since has been exactly what we were looking for. Cascades were way more dramatic and it also doubled the amount of time the cascade lasted. This is a great addition to your draft system if you're using a Quick Cascade lid.


Customer for life.

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