Nitrogen Regulator - Three Gauge - Dual Body - TOF

Nitrogen Regulator - Three Gauge - Dual Body - TOF
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: TOF-Dual-N
Price: $124.95 to $130.95

Dual Body (3 Gauge) Nitrogen Regulator - Made in Italy by TOF and assembled in the U.S.A.

The TOF Regulators are made of a solid brass body and are machined in Novara Italy and proudly assembled in the U.S.  Only Premium components used for these regulators.

Choose between 1/4" MFL (Flared end), 1/4" Barb or 5/16" barb for your outlet connection.  All of these connection have an MFL check valve for easy removal of your gas lines for cleaning or changes.

This is one of our favorite regulators on the market due to it's accuracy and durability.  We highly recommend this regulator for our cold brew and nitro coffee clients serving nitro coffee at high pressures. Where some regulators have a hard time maintaining a high serving pressure, this regulators is made of premium components and maintains great pressure to your kegs!

This dual body regulator is ideal when serving both flat cold brew coffee and nitro coffee on draft. It will allow you to set both kegs under different pressures, while still only having 1 nitrogen tank. 

  • Dual Gauge Regulator with Low Pressure (outlet) and High Pressure (cylinder pressure).
  • Manual/Auto relief valve so you can purge pressure from system when you need to and have auto relief for over pressure situations in system
  • Solid Brass body with metal bonnet and pressure adjust screw.  This provides extremely long service life.  
  • Repair kit readily available if needed for future repairs. 
  • Solid Brass, extremely rugged, spring driven, check valve will not allow back flow in your system!

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Item / Part # Size Price
Nitrogen Regulator - Three Gauge - Dual Body - TOF
MFL Only $124.95
Nitrogen Regulator - Three Gauge - Dual Body - TOF - 1/4" Barbs
1/4" Barbs $128.95
Nitrogen Regulator - Three Gauge - Dual Body - TOF - 5/16" Barbs
5/16" Barbs $130.95

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