Hot Draft Dispenser - Low Volume (110V/1800w)

Hot Draft Dispenser - Low Volume (110V/1800w)
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: HT-100-1
Price: $5,388.90 to $5,938.90 List Price: $5,599.00

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Love the taste of cold brew coffee, and nitro coffee, but looking for a way better way to serve it hot?  Look no further!

Our Hot Draft Dispenser will take the beverage from a cold keg or bag in the box (BIB) product, and heat to the product on-the-fly!

By keeping your cold brew coffee, nitro coffee, or any other product cold in the keg, you will be able to maintain and preserve optimal flavor for the life of the keg.  This system will only heat the beverage as it is being dispensed through the hot tap dispenser.

How the Hot Draft Dispenser Works:

The hot draft dispenser can sit on a counter top or preferably on top of your cold brew nitro coffee kegeator.  Your kegs are kept cold inside the refrigerator which helps to maintain optimal flavor of your product as well as preserving your beverage.  The draft beverage line hooks up to the back of the hot tap dispenser.  As you serve from the hot tap, the liquid flows through the dispenser and is heated on-the-fly to your desired temperature which can be set on the digital thermostat on the front of the unit.  If you havent tried hot nitro coffee yet, now is the time! 

Countertop or Kegerator top installation
Serve Nitro Coffee Hot - Heat cold brew coffee on demand and serve as nitro coffee

This "Low Volume" Hot Draft Coffee Dispenser is ideal for small to medium coffee shops.  It is capable of serving up to 48 oz. of hot beverages per minute.  If you are serving more than that much per minute, you will want to see our Medium Volume Hot Draft Dispenser or High Volume Hot Draft Dispenser.  Please make sure to see power requirements for these units. 

Our hot draft coffee dispensers come in a variety of makes and models to meet every shop or venues needs, from low volume 110V units, which are perfect for small to medium sized coffee shops or restaurants, to high volume 240V units, which are ideal for very busy venues, like ball parts, stadiums, fairs and events when serving constantly is a must.

Select from the product options drop down for the confiuguration you need:

  • Single Hot Faucet (for serving hot flat or Nitro beverages on draft)
  • Dual Hot Faucets (for serving 2 different types of hot flat or Nitro beverages on draft) 
  • Dual Faucets - 1 Hot & 1 Cold (for serving 1 cold and 1 hot beverage on tap at the same time)

Watts 1800w
Volts 110V
Amp Draw 16.65 Amps
HRz 60 HRz, Single Phase
Max Fuse 20 Amps
Min Fuse 20 Amps
Plug Type 20 Amp Utility Plug
Dimensions (Box Only)
Height 16.5" (without legs including height of water reservoir flap)
Width 21.5"
Depth 14.25"
Dimensions (Box Including Legs and Faucets installed)
Height 19.25" (with legs including height of water reservoir flap)
Width 21.5"
Depth 20"
Unit Weight 80 lbs.

Hot Draft Dispensers are shipped via LTL Palleted freight to ensure safe travel. 
Flat rate fright cahrge of $249.00 applies to these units.  

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Item / Part # Style Price
Hot Draft Dispenser - Low Volume (110V/1800w)
Single Hot Faucet $5,388.90 Add to Cart
Hot Draft Dispenser - Low Volume (110V) - 2 Hot Faucets
Double Hot Faucet $5,938.90 Add to Cart
Hot Draft Dispenser - Low Volume (110V) - 2 Faucet / 1 Hot & 1 Cold
Double Faucet (1 Hot & 1 Cold) $5,659.50 Add to Cart

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