Gene Café (CBR-101) Home Coffee Roaster

Gene Café (CBR-101) Home Coffee Roaster
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Part Number: G-CAFE
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Gene Café CBR-101 is designed for a household roaster, however lots of Café Owners use it for the Café and Restaurant.  To be able to roast your own beans, and brew a cup of coffee imediatly after provides the most superior flavor and aroma possible. 

It incorporates state-of-the-art design, the highest quality materials and expert workmanship. Genesis Technology simplifies and automates the coffee roasting process.  Simply set the temperature and the roast time on the digital display and the Gene Café does the rest.  Once the roast is complete, the Gene Café will austomatically go into a cool mode and cool your freshly roasted coffee beans for you!

Roast up to 1/2 LB of coffee at a time!


  •  Name : CBR-101
  •  Mixing type : twisting (Off-axis rotation)
  •  Cooling : Heater Off(Manual/Automatic) on Roast end
  •  Heating : Indirect hot air (0~30 minutes)
  •  Temperature Control : 0ºF - 482ºF / 0ºC - 250ºC
  •  Heater : 1,300 Watt
  •  Power Supply : 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V - 50/60Hz
  •  Power Consumption : 1,300 Watts 
  •  Chamber
      - Material : Heat resistant tempered glass tube (Pyrex©)
      - Capacity : Max. 0.5LBs / 250g
  •  Noise : 65dB
  •  Dimensions : 19”x10”x9”/ 490mm x 243mm x 229mm(Chaff Collector included)
  •  Net Weight : 12.13 Lbs/5.5 kg
  •  Color : Black, Red

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