Cold Brew Coffee System Filter Plate (30 Gallon)

Cold Brew Coffee System Filter Plate (30 Gallon)
Brand: Cold Brew Avenue
Part Number: CBS-FP-30-KO
Price: $379.00 List Price: $449.00

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Our new patent pending Cold Brew Coffee Filter Plate works with all of our existing cold brew coffee systems. 

This filter plate can replace the filter basket in your current Cold Brew Avenue Coffee Maker.  Our new filter plate design makes the system more versatile and brings some of its existing features back to the forefront. The new filter makes cleaning the system much easier and more importantly, we have significantly reduced the volume that sits outside of the filter (i.e. not with your coffee grounds) - up to a 66% improvement.

We offer 2 different style filters for this system size.  One filter with a finer mesh micron level that is typically used in doing ready to drink coffee ratios, and a more course mesh filter that is used when doing cold brew coffee concentrates.  Select the style filter you need based on the how you cold brew your coffee. 

As we brewed more and more with our basket designed system, we realized that we had 30-40% of the total volume of the cold brew system was outside of the basket. Our goal when we designed the cold brew systems was ease of use, efficiency and the ability to add-on/upgrade components.

With our new design, we've been able to decrease the volume outside the filter by over 60%.

This system makes it extremely easy to filter directly from your Cold Brew Coffee System into kegs, that you can then hook up to serve nitro coffee on draft!

NOTE: This Product MUST be used with a Cold Brew Coffee Filter Plate Gasket

When doing large batches or heavy concentrates, your flow can significantly reduce as your coffee filters out of the cold brew system.  If the flow has slowed or stopped from too many grounds, use a long plastic spoon to reach down to the bottom of the grounds and shift around gently to help the coffee to begin flowing again.

Flow and drainage can also be improved by:

  • Making a lighter concentrate (make ready to drink coffee instead of concentrates)
  • Using a very coarse grind
  • Making sure that the cold brew system is thoroughly cleaned between uses. Be sure to remove all coffee residues from previous batches by thoroughly cleaning the filter with a combination of hot water and soap, or any other cleaning agent that is friendly to stainless steel.
  • Boiling your filter in water occasionally will help to remove any oily buildup that may occur from the coffee.

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm —

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Item / Part # Size Style Micron Level Price
Cold Brew Coffee System Filter Plate (30 Gallon / 50µ)
30 Gallon RTD / Concentrate 50µ $379.00 Add to Cart
Cold Brew Coffee System Filter Plate (30 Gallon / 75µ)
30 Gallon Heavy Concentrate 75µ $379.00 Add to Cart
Cold Brew Coffee System Filter Plate (30 Gallon)
30 Gallon RTD 35µ $379.00 Add to Cart

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