Barbed 2 Micron Diffusion Stone (1/4" Barb)

Barbed 2 Micron Diffusion Stone (1/4" Barb)
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1/4" Barbed 2 Micron Diffusion Stone

This 2 micron diffusion stone, is typically used with a oxygen pump for aerating your wort, providing an environment for the yeast to fluroush.  Although we recommend the .5 micron diffusion stone for quickly carbonating your beer, or nitrogenating your cold brew coffee for nitro coffee, the 2 micron stone can still be used for this, but will not work as well in our opinion.  This barbed fitting will clamp directly onto a hose with a 1/4" I.D.  Use a oetiker clamp, or worm clamp for clamping the barbed oxygen stone onto your gas hose. 

Many people will clamp a piece of 1/4" I.D. hose to the short gas dip-tube in their Cornelius Keg and then clamp this stone on the other end.  This will allow the stone to hang down in the bottom of your corny keg and when you pressurize with CO2 or Nitrogen the gas will go down through the hose and out the diffusion stone, and carbonate or nitrogenate your beer or cold brew coffee very quickly! 

It is important to clean and sanitize your diffusion stones often.  To clean you need to boil your stone between uses to remove any residual oils that will start to clog the stone.  Followup with a sanitizer before your next use. 

  • 2 micron stone
  • Material: 316 Stainless
  • Stone has a 1/2" diameter and 1" in length.
  • Overall length 1-7/8"
  • Barb is 1/4" OD

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