Unboxing your Cold Brew Avenue Stainless Steel Cold Brew System

When you open the box for your cold brew system, you'll want to be mindful of the location of some of the system components.

Upon opening the box for your cold brew system, you'll first find the lid stacked upside down on top of the brewing vessel. Remove the lid and set it aside.

Next, you'll find a placeholder box that is used to hold the filter plate in place during shipping. Note: The placeholder box may contain additional components if you ordered additional items. At this point, you can remove the entire cold brew system along with the filter plate which is wrapped with a high density foam and bagged at the bottom of the brewing vessel.

When the cold brew system has been removed from the box, be sure to find the small triangle box that is in one of the 4 corners of the main box. This triangular box will contain:

  • Thermometer hole plug
  • Filter plate gasket
  • Ball valve
  • Pickup tube
  • NPT to hose barb
  • Teflon tape

If you ordered a Deluxe system, you will also find a white box alongside the triangle box. The white box will contain your thermometer and bulkhead fitting.

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