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Brew PS is a family owned and opperated company.  We pride ourselves in offering the best equipment and ingredients to our fellow home brewers around the country.  Brew PS is also one of the exclusive authorized dealers of Ss Brewing Technologies in the United States.

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Refrigerator Homebrew Keg Kits / Fridge Home Kegging Kits

These Tower Home Kegging Kits are great if you have an existing refrigerator or temperature controlled freezer box that you would like to turn into a kegerator!  They are easy to use, easy to clean, easy to install, and what can be better than pouring draught beer right from your refrigerator at home!?  Whether you would like 1 beer on tap, or 10, we have a tower that will allow you to pour as much and as many draught beers as you like!  See all the various tower kit arangements below!