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Basic Homebrew Keg Kits / Basic Home Kegging Kits

These Basic Home Kegging Kits are perfect for a first time kegger!  They are easy to use, easy to clean, carbonates your homebrew in days (not weeks like in the bottles), and beats the hell out of washing and bottling 50 bottles of beer!!  Just transfer your beer into a 5 gallon keg, carbonate with CO2 and you are ready to drink draught beer from the comfort of your own home!

All Basic Kegging kits come with a Party Tap Dispenser for ease of pouring and transportability!

Basic Homebrew Keg Kit - 4 Tap - PIN LOCK /
Part# HK1400SP
$189.99  $164.95
Basic Homebrew Keg Kit - 5 Tap - PIN LOCK /
Part# HK1500SP
$219.99  $189.95
Basic Homebrew Keg Kit - Ball Lock /
Part# HK1100S
$94.99  $84.95
Basic Homebrew Keg Kit - Pin Lock /
Part# HK1100SP
$94.99  $84.95
Torpedo Keg Party Bomb /
Part# T-Keg-P
$329.99  $289.95