Fully Refurbished 9L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk Quantity

Fully Refurbished 9L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk Quantity
Brand: AEB Kegs - Ball Lock Corny Kegs
Part Number: KGO-9Lx25
Price: $2,023.50 to $6,830.00


If you're looking for a fleet of like new kegs at used keg prices, look no further than our premium refurbished kegs. Take advantage of our bulk, pallet (or partial pallet) pricing while supplies last.

These are Grade A refurbished stainless steel corny kegs. As stainless steel prices continue to rise and as good used kegs become harder and harder to find, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity.

These kegs have been painstaikingly refurbished - read about the full refurbishing process below. They have been thoroughly cleaned, machine polished and have had the o-rings replaced on the lid, PRV, liquid and gas dip tubes along with 2 o-rings on each post. In addition, these kegs are all premium brands: AEB / SAFER / CORNELIUS.

An overview of our keg refurbishing process:

  1. Kegs are hand selected from inventory. Any kegs with medium/large dents and blemishes are not considered.
  2. After initial selection, the kegs are disassembled and all o-rings are removed.
  3. The kegs and all components are cleaned with food-grade agents while they are disassembled, note that poppets are not removed from the post in this step, however, we do a pressurized, under water leak test every post. If any posts are found to be leaking, the poppet is then removed and replaced with a new one with new o-ring. 
  4. After washing, any tape, glue and stickers are removed from the outside of the keg.
  5. Polishing - the keg is placed on a proprietary machine that polishes the outside of the keg.
  6. After polishing, any kegs that need further work are manually polished (approximately 10-15% of the kegs that we work with).
  7. All parts are reassembled with new o-rings. The leak-free posts from the prior step do not have poppet o-rings replaced.
  8. Keg lids are polished. Wire handles are straighted (if necessary)
  9. Final manual polish of keg to maximize exterior look.
  10. The kegs are reassembled.
  11. Kegs are pressurized to 3 BAR (43.5 psi) and set aside for 24 hours. Pressure is checked after 24 hours to confirm no leaks.

After this 11 step refurbishing process, our kegs are labeled as ready to ship.

Additional notes about our refurbished kegs:

These kegs are previously used, they may have have some small dings and scratches that cannot be removed during our polishing and refurbish process. There may be some very small dents, but nothing that comprimises use.

These kegs may contain some residue from the cleaning and polishing process. This polishing residue may be on both the outer keg shell and/or the rubber tops and bottoms of the kegs. This can get on your hands, but this is just a reminder that all kegs (new and used) should be thoroughly washed prior to use. Additionally, all kegs should be properly sanitized before coming in contact with your beer or beverage.

A percentage of the kegs will have had sun damage to the rubber tops/bottoms to the point where the rubber is no longer sealed. This can result in the rubber leaving black marks (typically when wet, not as big of a problem when dry).

Some of the kegs may have 2 o-rings on the posts - this may seem unusual, but they work just as kegs/posts with single o-rings.

Refurbished Keg Specifications
8-7/8" (225mm)
13-3/8" (340mm)
7 lbs 9oz (3.43kg)
2.4 gallons (9 liters)
Post Thread Size:
9/16-18 UNF Thread on both the IN and Out. 
Replacement Corny Keg Posts Available Here

Please note that when comparing these kegs to brand-new, premium AEB kegs these kegs will be slightly larger in diameter and slightly smaller in height.

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Item / Part # Quantity Each Price
Fully Refurbished 9L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk Quantity (100)
100 $68.30 $6,830.00 Add to Cart
Fully Refurbished 9L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk Quantity
25 $80.94 $2,023.50 Add to Cart
Fully Refurbished 9L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk Quantity (50)
50 $75.89 $2,794.50 Add to Cart
Fully Refurbished 9L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk Quantity (75)
75 $70.83 $5,312.25 Add to Cart

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