Refurbished Ball Lock Corny Kegs from Keg Outlet - Refurb Keg Walkthrough

Video: Refurbished Ball Lock Corny Keg Overview

We've been in the business of selling used and refurbished kegs for quite some time, but these particular used kegs are truly exceptional. They come remarkably close to the quality of new kegs, undergoing a thorough refurbishing process that includes cleaning, de-stickering, polishing, buffing, and the replacement of all o-rings, among other improvements.

When compared to other used and refurbished kegs available in the market, these kegs stand out as unparalleled in quality. Additionally, for the first time, we're pleased to offer smaller used kegs. Historically, used corny kegs have predominantly been available in a 5-gallon size. However, our 100% refurbished kegs are now offered in two sizes: 9L and 18L.

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