Soda & Seltzer Handheld Dispenser

Soda & Seltzer Handheld Dispenser
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: FA320-B
Price: $67.95 to $69.95

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Soda & Seltzer Handheld Dispenser

This hand-held soda dispenser allows to you easily connect to a keg to dispense your soda, seltzers, energy drinks, and more directly from the keg!  The handheld dispenser features a flow control adjustment which is key when serving carbonated beverages due to the high pressure typically used.  In order to achieve a high level of carbonation in your water or seltzer, you set the pressure in your keg very high.  The higher the pressure in the keg, the more carbonation the water will be able to absorb, giving you a highly carbonated seltzer, like Topo Chico! 

When pressurizing your keg at high pressures, you generally cannot dispense at these pressures because there will be too much force coming from the keg and the liquid will come screaming out of the faucet.  This is where the flow control handheld dispenser comes in.  The flow control adjustment allows you to restrict the flow down so that the liquid does not come out of the nozzle too fast.  This allows you to keep your keg under the high pressures to maintain that high level of carbonation, and still serve with ease!

Connection Options:


  • Flow Control Handheld Soda Gun
  • 4' Liquid Beverage Line
  • Ball lock disconnect or beer nut attachment (select your preference)

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Item / Part # Style Price
Soda & Seltzer Handheld Dispenser
Ball Lock Disconnect $69.95 Add to Cart
Soda & Seltzer Handheld Dispenser with Beer Nut
Beer Nut - Attach to Sanke Coupler $67.95 Add to Cart

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