Oetiker Clamp Cutter Tool

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Oetiker Clamp Cutter Tool
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: CP200
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Oetiker Clamp Cutter Tool

If you have ever used Oetiker clamps on your beverage lines, and need to remove them, you know how difficult they can be.  They are a permanent, or one-time-use clamp.  This tool will allow you to easily cut through and remove the ear clamp from a beverage or gas line.  The tool features a compound action which provides maximum mechanical advantage for easier and safer use.

This tool is specially designed for removing Oetiker Ear Clamps only, not for sinatlling clamps.  If you are looking to crimp ear clamps, see our Oetiker Clamp Tool

Oetiker Hand Clamp Cutters are designed to safely remove Oetiker Ear Clamps clamps that can be closed with Oetiker HIP 2000 Series Hand Installation Pincers or similar power tools. See Applicable Clamps section below for more details. They are designed to deliver many cutting cycles without loss of performance, using the lowest practical cutting force. Constructed of solid metal for long tool life, with textured grips for a more secure hold. FOR CLAMP REMOVAL ONLY. Orange grips distinguish Hand Clamp Cutters from Hand Installation Pincers. High mechanical advantage makes clamp removal easier and reduces the risk of strain injury. 

The Hand Clamp Cutter HCC 2000 | 407 will cut the below EAR CLAMPS up to the band width and thicknesses listed:

  • Stainless Steel Band: cut clamps up to 7.0 mm wide x 0.8 mm band thickness
  • Stainless Steel Band: cut clamps up to 9.0 mm wide x 0.6 mm band thickness
  • Steel Band: cut clamps up to 9.0 mm wide x 0.8 mm band thickness

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