Ear Clamps Tool for Oetiker Clamps

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Ear Clamps Tool for Oetiker Clamps
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: CP100
Price: $12.95 List Price: $19.99


Ear Clamp Tool for Oetiker Clamps

The Oetiker style clamp tool is for installing and removing Oetiker Ear Clamps. Using Stepless Oetiker style clamps will give you a superior connection on your beer and air hose lines.

You will need this tool to properly attach Oetiker Style Ear Clamps to any gas or beverage lines. This clamp tool can be used for just about any stepless ear clamps when you need a solid hold on any hose.

This item is for the Oetiker Clamp tool only.  Photos showing clamps, disconnect and hose are for illustration only.

How to use a clamp tool and stepless ear clamps or Oetiker style clamps for your draft beverage and gas lines:

What size hose clamp do I need for my beverage and gas lines?

Stepless Ear Clamps VS Worm Clamps:

How to Use An Oetiker Clamp Tool

An Oetiker clamp tool is designed to facilitate the installation of Oetiker-style stepless clamps onto hoses or tubing. These tools are essential because Oetiker clamps require a specific crimping process for proper installation. Here's how an Oetiker clamp tool works:

  1. Preparation: Before using the tool, ensure that you have the correct size Oetiker clamp for your hose or tubing. Oetiker clamps come in various sizes to accommodate different diameters of hoses or tubing.
  2. Positioning the Clamp: Slide the Oetiker clamp over the hose or tubing, ensuring it's in the desired position for the connection you intend to make.
  3. Positioning the Tool: Place the Oetiker clamp tool over the clamp's earless or stepless end, which is the smooth, continuous band without slots or screws. The tool typically has a jaw or crimping mechanism designed to securely grip the clamp.
  4. Compression: Squeeze the handles or actuate the tool's crimping mechanism. This action compresses the clamp, causing it to constrict around the hose or tubing. The clamp's design allows it to deform slightly under pressure, creating a secure and tight seal around the hose.
  5. Visual Check: After crimping, visually inspect the clamp to ensure that it has formed a uniform and snug seal. The clamp should have a consistent, circular shape around the hose or tubing without any gaps or irregularities.
  6. Confirmation: Confirm that the clamp is properly installed by gently tugging on the hose or tubing to ensure it's securely held in place. If the clamp has been correctly applied, it should not easily slide off or come loose.
  7. Testing: Depending on your application, it's a good practice to test the connection for leaks or stability, especially in critical applications such as fluid systems.
  8. Repeat as Needed: If you have multiple connections to make, repeat the process for each one, ensuring that you use the appropriate size clamp for each hose or tubing diameter.

Oetiker clamp tool simplifies the installation of Oetiker-style stepless clamps by providing the necessary mechanical advantage to compress the clamp securely around hoses or tubing. This process ensures a tight, reliable, and leak-resistant connection, making it a valuable tool in various industries, including automotive, plumbing, brewing, and more.

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It's a tool that works GREAT for the job intended September 10, 2015

I usually don't write reviews for products, but I bought one of these a year and a half or two years ago and it has been great. I actually just logged on to buy a new one to keep at home (the first is in my work truck) and I saw that the only review on this product was a 1 star review. This tool is great for the purpose intended. It fastens oetiker hose clamps. It has worked great for me for over a year with daily wear and tear. It has held up great.

The 1 star review on this page is unwarranted and should be removed. Just my 2 cents.

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