Torpedo Keg

Torpedo Kegs are great for use with homebrew and other craft beverages. They can also be used for cold brew and nitro coffee. Torpedo Kegs are ball lock corny kegs that come in 1.5, 2.5, and 5 gallon sizes.

If using for nitro coffee make sure you pickup a Quick Cascade Lid.

Cornelius Kegs

Keg Outlet offers many new and used Cornelius kegs AKA Corny Kegs for kegging homebrewed beer. Our used Cornelius keg selection features both ball lock corny kegs and pin lock corny kegs (Pepsi Style and Coke Style). Whether you need a new or used Cornelius keg, a small 2.5 gallon keg, 3 gallon keg, or a 5 gallon Cornys keg, we'll be able to help you find what you're looking for!

With the new craze of Nitro Coffee on draft, we have many coffee shops and restaurants contacting us for "Cold Brew Coffee Kegs".  There is no such thing as a keg specific to cold brew coffee, but what they are looking for is a Cornelius keg.  These kegs are great for cold brew coffee because of they have a large lid on top that can be removed, which makes it very easy to clean and fill.

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What is a Corny Keg?

Ball lock corny kegs, also known simply as corny kegs, soda kegs, or homebrew kegs, are a type of small, cylindrical, pressurized container commonly used in the homebrewing and beverage industry for the storage and dispensing of carbonated beverages, such as beer, soda, cold brew coffee, koombucha and more. These kegs have been popular for many years due to their simplicity, durability, and ease of use.

Key features ball lock corny kegs:

Size: Corny kegs typically come in a few common sizes: 5 gallon, 3 gallon and 2.5 gallon. The 5-gallon kegs are the most popular and are often used by homebrewers to store and transport their beer.

Comry kegs are typically made of 304 Stainless Steel – the preferred material in the brewing and beverage industry. The kegs feature a removable lid, a gas-in (inlet) post, and a liquid-out (outlet) post. The lid usually has a pressure relief valve for safety and to depressurize your keg when its time to fill or clean.

There are two types of corny kegs; Ball Lock and Pin Lock.  The ball lock kegs have smooth posts that use a quick disconnect style fitting, while the pin lock posts have small pins that stick off the sides of the posts, that the disconnects lock around. 

Cleaning corny kegs is super easy!  They have wide openings that can be reached inside with a brush, or cleaned automatic corny keg washer

While they are commonly used for homebrewing, corny kegs are also used by a variety of industries like, cold brew and nitro coffee companies, kombucha makers, and more. Homebrewers often buy used kegs, clean and sanitize them, and then fill them with their own brewed beer.  Used and refurbished kegs are less expensive than new kegs, and work just the same.  They may need a little maintenance in replacing o-rings or fittings though.

Corny kegs are relatively small and easy to transport, which makes them convenient for homebrewers attending events, distributing to bars and restaurants, or wanting to share with friends at parties.

Like all equipment, corny kegs require maintenance, including cleaning, sanitizing, and checking for wear and tear on gaskets and O-rings. These components should be replaced as needed to maintain a tight seal and prevent leaks.

While corny kegs have been widely used for decades, they are readily available in the second-hand market. At Keg Outlet, we have a WIDE variety of new and refurbished corny kegs.

Corny Kegs: Ball Lock vs. Pin Lock

What type of keg is right for you?  The 2 types of kegs are nearly the same. Ball-lock and pin lock just describe the type of disconnect that is used to connect to the gas and liquid posts of the Cornelius keg.  Ball lock corny kegs use a quick disconnect to attach to the keg posts, while pin lock corny kegs have a disconnect that locks around small pins sticking off the sides of the disconnects.  They also vary slightly in height and width, and the lids will have different style pressure relief valves. 

Ball Lock Corny Kegs

  • Pepsi Style Kegs
    Dimensions: 25" tall X 8.5" Diameter
    Dimensions can vary slightly on the style of keg

Pin Lock Corny Kegs

  • Coke / Coca-Cola Style Kegs
    Dimensions: 23" tall X 9" Diameter
    Dimensions can vary slightly on the style of keg

How many beers are in a Corny Keg?

A standard 5-gallon Cornelius Keg holds about 640oz of liquid.  That is roughly:

  • 160 - 4 oz Tasters
  • 80 - 8 oz Beers
  • 53 - 12 oz Beers
  • 40 - Pints  (16 oz Beers)