Refurbished Ball Lock Kegs / Premium / A+ Grade

Introducing our like new, fully refurbished kegs. All of these kegs have gone through a multi-step refurbishing process to bring them back to the best condition possible.

"Used" kegs like you've never seen, these Premium Refurbished Kegs have gone through a painstaking refurbishing process to bring you the best you've kegs you've likely ever seen. So great in fact, you may even mistake them as new kegs.

These kegs are all made by AEB / SAFER / CORNELIUS. SAFER was the prior prior brand of AEB before they switched to manufacturing kegs under the AEB name. The kegs are top quality and have been restored with great care through an extensive 11 point refurbishing process. Read more below to learn about the refurbishing process.

Premium Refurbished Kegs vs Used Kegs

11-Point Keg Refurbishing Process

  1. Kegs are hand selected from inventory. Any kegs with medium/large dents and blemishes are not considered. Minor pin-sized dents are acceptable.
  2. After initial selection, the kegs are disassembled and all o-rings are removed.
  3. The kegs and all components are cleaned with food-grade agents while they are disassembled, note that poppets are not removed from the post in this step, however, we do a pressurized, under water leak test every post. If any posts are found to be leaking, the poppet is then removed and replaced with a new one with new o-ring.
  4. After washing, any tape, glue and stickers are removed from the outside of the keg.
  5. Polishing - the keg is placed on a proprietary machine that polishes the outside of the keg.
  6. After polishing, any kegs that need further work are manually polished (approximately 10-15% of the kegs that we work with).
  7. All parts are reassembled with new o-rings. The leak-free posts from the prior step do not have poppet o-rings replaced.
  8. Keg lids are polished. Wire handles are straighted (if necessary)
  9. Final manual polish of keg to maximize exterior look.
  10. The kegs are reassembled.
  11. Kegs are pressurized to 3 BAR (43.5 psi) and set aside for 24 hours. Pressure is checked after 24 hours to confirm no leaks
Fully Refurbished 18L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk Quantity / Fully Refurbished 18L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk
Part# KGO-18Lx25
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Fully Refurbished 9L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk Quantity / Fully Refurbished 9L Ball Lock Corny Kegs / Bulk
Part# KGO-9Lx25
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