Cornelius Kegs

Keg Outlet offers many new and used Cornelius kegs for kegging homebrewed beer. Our used cornelius keg selection features both ball lock corny kegs and pin lock corny kegs (Pepsi Style and Coke Style). Whether you need a new or used cornelus keg, a 3 gallon keg or a 5 gallon cornelus keg, we'll be able to help you find what you're looking for.

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Corny Kegs - Ball Lock vs Pin Lock

What type of keg is right for you? The 2 types of kegs are nearly the same. Ball lock and pin lock just describe the type of disconnect that is used to connect to the gas and liquid posts of the cornelius keg.

Ball Lock Corny Kegs

  • Pepsi Style Kegs
    Dimensions: 25" tall X 8.5" Diameter
    Dimesions can vary slightly on style of keg

Pin Lock Corny Kegs

  • Coke / Coca-Cola Style Kegs
    Dimensions: 23" tall X 9" Diameter
    Dimesions can vary slightly on style of keg

How many beers are in a Corny Keg?

A standard 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg holds about 640oz of liquid.  That is roughly:

  • 160 - 4 oz Tasters
  • 80 - 8 oz Beers
  • 53 - 12 oz Beers
  • 40 - Pints  (16 oz Beers)